Tom Rocks Maths Appeal – Countdown Special

If you’re a fan of Channel 4’s Countdown you are going to LOVE this! 

The brilliant Dr Tom Crawford aka Tom Rock Maths hosted a special Countdown style show and Team Maths Appeal (me and my pal Bobby Seagull), had the pleasure of being his sidekicks. 

In this special maths themed Countdown show, legendary former champions James Martin (Mr 952) and Kai Laddima (youngest octochamp) compete against each other, displaying impressive word forming and maths calculation skills – who will come out on top?

This is a must see for any Countdown fan!

Filmed in November 2019

Here’s Kai talking about his experience on the show and explaining the rules of the show:

And here’s the legendary video of James Martin where he earns the title of ‘Mr 952’ – you will not be disappointed! 

And watch this space for part 2, when we all have a chat about strategies for winning Countdown and we share our love of maths!

Filming for video took place in November 2019

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