‘If I could Tell You Another Thing’ Book Contributor

The book ‘If I could tell you another thing’ is the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Mathematical Association’s popular 2022 publication ‘If I could tell you one thing’.  For this second instalment, chapters have been commissioned from a new group of mathematics educators who have collectively accumulated hundreds of years of professional expertise in secondary and post-16... Continue Reading →

Maths Appeal Podcast – Series 3 

Our Maths Appeal Podcast is back for a third series and in this series, we're delighted to partner with National Numeracy, an independent charity that promotes the importance of numeracy and "everyday maths" and Experian, an organisation on a mission to help the nation improve their financial health. My co-host Bobby Seagull and I continue on our mission to make maths accessible to everyone and... Continue Reading →

Ada Lovelace Day Live 2022

The 11th of October 2022 was the 13th international Ada Lovelace day and to celebrate there was a fabulous evening of STEM talks about everything from neuroscience to poo engineering to the science of the human voice at Ada Lovelace Day Live Online!  The online event was opened by Finding Ada Lovelace Day founder Suw Charman-Anderson and the event’s compere... Continue Reading →

NCETM Maths Podcast Interview

This summer, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the NCETM Maths Podcast. The NCETM stands for National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and they aim to raise levels of achievement in maths through supporting teachers of maths through continuing professional development.   It was great to chat with host Gwen Tresidder about engagement, classroom culture and... Continue Reading →

Maths Appeal Podcast – Series 2

Our Maths Appeal podcast is back for a second series! In series 2 my co-host Bobby Seagull and I continue on our mission to make maths accessible to everyone but this time our focus for the podcast is maths problem solving. As maths teachers, we both know how difficult it can be to teach students problem solving skills because problem solving is... Continue Reading →

MEI Conference 2022

The MEI (Mathematics, Education, Innovation) conference took place on the 30th June and 1st July 2022 at the University of Keele. The event was an opportunity for maths teachers and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers to share, explore, discuss and evaluate ideas for the classroom. The workshops covered a wide variety of topics and sessions were led... Continue Reading →

My ‘Her Maths Story’ Story

I’m so pleased to now be one of the Her Maths Story  stories! Her Maths Story believe in encouraging and empowering self-identifying women to pursue careers in mathematics and beyond. Historically, representation of women in STEM and particularly mathematics has been quite poor, recently more so due to the lack of a multitude of women role models. Her Maths Story want to showcase the variety... Continue Reading →

National Numeracy Day 2022 #BigNumberNatter

The 18th May was National Numeracy Day 2022 and to celebrate the charity National Numeracy wanted everyone to join the first ever nationwide conversation about numbers, the #BigNumberNatter. The aim was to encourage people to talk about numbers, to make the subject a little less scary and to encourage the first step towards improving numeracy. As part of the day... Continue Reading →

MA Annual Conference 2022

The Mathematical Association will be hosting their Annual Conference ‘Mathematical Visions’, on 12th - 14th April 2022 and I am honoured to be one of their keynote speakers. Other keynote speakers include MA President Dr Chris Pritchard, Professor Anne Watson, Jo Morgan (www.resourceaholic.com) & Chris Smith(Scottish teacher of the year 2018). The conference is sure to be fantastic few days of challenging and inspiring mathematics for all! This... Continue Reading →

My London Mathematical Society – Success Story

As you know, I believe diversity in mathematics is really important so it was a pleasure to participate in the London Mathematical Society’s Equality and Diversity Success Stories Project. The project aims to highlight the importance of diversity in mathematics by showcasing the variety of individuals with careers in mathematics and their different achievements. Here... Continue Reading →

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