Ada Lovelace Day Live 2022

The 11th of October 2022 was the 13th international Ada Lovelace day and to celebrate there was a fabulous evening of STEM talks about everything from neuroscience to poo engineering to the science of the human voice at Ada Lovelace Day Live Online!  The online event was opened by Finding Ada Lovelace Day founder Suw Charman-Anderson and the event’s compere... Continue Reading →

My ‘Her Maths Story’ Story

I’m so pleased to now be one of the Her Maths Story  stories! Her Maths Story believe in encouraging and empowering self-identifying women to pursue careers in mathematics and beyond. Historically, representation of women in STEM and particularly mathematics has been quite poor, recently more so due to the lack of a multitude of women role models. Her Maths Story want to showcase the variety... Continue Reading →

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