Tom Rocks Maths Appeal Series One

So our first series of the Tom Rocks Maths Appeal teaching videos   is complete and available on YouTube now. These videos are a collaborative project between team Maths Appeal (me and Bobby Seagull) and University of Oxford mathematician, Dr Tom Crawford (aka Tom Rocks Maths). We explore and teach mathematics topics from the GCSE Maths syllabus in a light-hearted and fun way. We aim to show the... Continue Reading →

Tom Rocks Maths Appeal Video 6 – Probability Trees Diagrams

Lesson 6 in our new Tom Rocks Maths Appeal YouTube series is OUT NOW!  Team Maths Appeal (me and Bobby Seagull) have joined forces with the University of Oxford mathematician, Dr Tom Crawford (aka Tom Rocks Maths) to explore and teach topics from the GCSE Maths syllabus. We aim to show the world that maths is accessible to everyone! In this episode you will learn how to use probability... Continue Reading →

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