Ada Lovelace Day Live 2022

The 11th of October 2022 was the 13th international Ada Lovelace day and to celebrate there was a fabulous evening of STEM talks about everything from neuroscience to poo engineering to the science of the human voice at Ada Lovelace Day Live Online! 

The online event was opened by Finding Ada Lovelace Day founder Suw Charman-Anderson and the event’s compere was geek songstress and stand-up comedian, Helen Arney.  I had the privilege of being part of the amazing line-up and my talk was on how we can support children and adults to enjoy and feel more confident doing maths. 

Watch the entire event here:

Here is information about the other speakers and their talks: 

How health tech is revolutionising patient care, Marcia Rankin-Smith
New health tech solutions are changing clinical practice for diseases like COPD and heart failure. How can data & AI improve care, help patients better understand their condition and improve outcomes? 

Stay curious, Aphra Le Levier – Bennett
After having the privilege of talking at Ada Lovelace Day Live in 2017 when she was 17 years old and studying her A-levels, Aphra returns to explain how STEM helped nurture her curiosity.

Energy transition: Sink or Swim? Yasmin Ali
Energy runs the world – heating and cooling homes, moving cars, and powering devices – but how can we transition our energy to greener sources? 

A bit more history of the candle, Fran Scott
Enjoy some of Fran Scott’s favourite fire-based demos and learn some of fire’s glorious secrets. 

The science of the human voice, Prof Sophie Scott
Why do we sound the way we do? How did voices evolve, and how do our brains control them? 

Poo and power, Dr Priti Parikh
What impact do gaps in sanitary and energy infrastructure have on resource-challenged, marginalised communities?

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