Maths Appeal Podcast – Series 3 

Our Maths Appeal Podcast is back for a third series and in this series, we’re delighted to partner with National Numeracy, an independent charity that promotes the importance of numeracy and “everyday maths” and Experian, an organisation on a mission to help the nation improve their financial health.

My co-host Bobby Seagull and I continue on our mission to make maths accessible to everyone and we continue our focus on solving maths problems but in this series we look specifically at ‘everyday maths’ problems, like working out utility bills, cooking problems and working out the interest on bank savings. 

Like in series 2, Bobby and I share our maths problem solving strategies and discuss our feelings about the maths problem because we want to show that maths is an emotional subject and it’s a subject that everyone has the capacity to improve in. 

In every episode, as well as setting a maths problem, Bobby and I chat about everyday maths issues like ‘working out the best value in shops’ and ‘ways to improve personal finance’ and every episode we are joined by a variety of special guest, including National Numeracy Ambassadors like Iona Bain (money expert), Timi Merriman-Johnson (Mr Money Jar), Harry Baker (poet), Peter Sawkins (Bake Off Champion) and some National Numeracy Champions. 

And as always, Bobby ends every episode with a great maths fact.

In this series we set and solve a variety of maths problems mainly GCSE maths problems and a selection of questions included in a poll conducted by the National Numeracy in 2019, given to 2000 adults aged 16-75.

We loved recording this series and we hope you have fun listening to it and doing the maths problems. Please share the Maths Appeal podcast with your friends and family, especially with those that think maths is not for them. We believe it’s never too late to improve with maths and that #MathsIsForEveryone.

Here’s an overview of all the episodes in Maths Appeal series 3

Episode 1 – Our special guest is National Numeracy’s newest ambassador Iona Bain, an award-winning speaker, author, writer and broadcaster. She tells us why she’s on a mission to help young people get to grips with personal finance, and about living with dyscalculia. Plus, we’ll do a spot of problem solving if you need a refresher about percentages and Bobby will wow us with a maths fact too! – Listen here

Episode 2 – We celebrate National Numeracy’s Number Confidence Week (7th -11th November 2022) with special guests Rachel Riley and the CEO of National Numeracy, Sam Sims. Find out why it’s so important to be number confident, and test your maths skills with a spot of problem solving! – Listen here

Episode 3 – We are joined by Great British Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins to talk about the links between numeracy and baking! Bobby’s invited a bunch of us round for a meal – or rather, he does in the maths problem that we’ll solve together – and his Maths Fact this week is VERY cool – Listen here

Episode 4 – We invite you to join us in solving a maths problem about utility bills. We also meet the inspiring National Numeracy champion Anne Okafor, and Bobby wows us with another Maths Fact! – Listen here

Episode 5 – We invite you to join us in solving a maths problem about Bobby’s lunch. We also meet the National Numeracy champion Oreleo du Cran, and Bobby wows us with a football-related Maths Fact! – Listen here

Episode 6 – Join us as we discuss banking and savings with Timi Merriman-Johnson AKA Mr Money Jar. Bobby and I tackle a problem about compound interest and Bobby rounds off with a maths fact! – Listen here

Episode 7 – Join us as we discuss value for money. How do we know we’re getting the best deal? Have a go solving our problem about mince pies to find out! If you’d like to improve your numeracy skills, try out the National Numeracy Challenge – and you can find out more about it in this episode when Producer Jenny takes the challenge! – Listen here

Episode 8 – Join us as we chat about maths in relation to travel. We set a tricky travel-based maths problem and we’re joined by the brilliant poet and National Numeracy ambassador Harry Baker! – Listen here

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