‘If I could Tell You Another Thing’ Book Contributor

The book ‘If I could tell you another thing’ is the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Mathematical Association’s popular 2022 publication ‘If I could tell you one thing’. 

For this second instalment, chapters have been commissioned from a new group of mathematics educators who have collectively accumulated hundreds of years of professional expertise in secondary and post-16 settings. 

I’m happy to say that I am one of the contributors! My chapter is on ‘Numeracy and the Importance of Maths Teachers’, where I highlight the issue of poor numeracy in the UK, referring to the great work done by charity National Numeracyand I discuss how I believe maths teachers are key to tackling this problem. 

In the book, there are a wide variety of interesting chapters ranging from ‘Teaching problem solving’ to ‘Noticing the wonder’ to ‘Using whiteboards in the mathematical classroom’.

You can read the Contents and Introduction here: 

Early career teachers will find the wisdom and guidance shared here of enormous value but more experienced colleagues will also discover plenty to appreciate, consider and implement in their own classrooms.

Buy the book ‘If I could tell you another thing’ here: https://members.m-a.org.uk/Shop/product/1178

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