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Past Projects

(June 2021) Her Maths Story – Susan Okereke (article)

(Oct 2021) Pearson blog – Black history month (article)

(Oct 2021) Black Heroes of Maths Conference Talk (video)

(Sept 2021) London Mathematical Society – Success Stories (article)

(May 2021) National Numeracy Day – Parent support Panel (video)

(Apr 2021) ‘Opening Conversations for Change’ – Pearson ‘Right Angle Podcast’ Interview (podcast)

(Mar 2021) ‘Comedy & STEM Communication’ – Intuition magazine for ETF (article)

(Mar 2021) IWD Comedy & Communication in STEM Panel (video)

(Oct 2020) 24 hour Maths Magic show (video)

(Oct 2020) ‘Why should Maths Educators Care about Black History Month?’ – Mathematical Association Article (article)

(Aug 2020) – #MegaFavNumber – Maths Appeal (video)

(July 2020) ‘Mathematical Objects: 1-100 grid’ – Aperiodical podcast interview  (podcast)

(May 2020) – National Numeracy Day ‘Teacher’s Thoughts’ interviewed (video)

(Dec 2017) ‘Five Step to Leading an Effective Maths Interventions’ – TES Article –  (article)

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