MEI Conference 2022

The MEI (Mathematics, Education, Innovation) conference took place on the 30th June and 1st July 2022 at the University of Keele. The event was an opportunity for maths teachers and enthusiasts at all stages of their careers to share, explore, discuss and evaluate ideas for the classroom.

The workshops covered a wide variety of topics and sessions were led by experienced teachers and subject experts from many areas of the mathematical world like Michael Barany (Maths historian), Rob Eastaway (Maths communicator) and Jo Morgan (Resourceaholic blog).

I had the pleasure of being one of the conference plenary speakers and I spoke about ‘Numeracy in the UK and the Importance of Maths Teachers’ to a great crowd of thoughtful and caring maths teachers and educators. My aim was to provoke thought and to encourage discussion and many discussions were had and I hope many more continue!

Why do you teach maths?‘ – The word-cloud from the Mentimeter survey in my talk.
‘What are the key ideas you’re taking from this presentation?’ – The word-cloud from the Mentimeter survey in my talk

MEI are a charity committed to improving lives through advances in maths education. They support schools, colleges, and teachers to help their students recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students’ progress in maths. To find out more about what they do go here.

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