My ‘Her Maths Story’ Story

I’m so pleased to now be one of the Her Maths Story  stories! Her Maths Story believe in encouraging and empowering self-identifying women to pursue careers in mathematics and beyond. Historically, representation of women in STEM and particularly mathematics has been quite poor, recently more so due to the lack of a multitude of women role models. Her Maths Story want to showcase the variety of careers, non-linear paths and individual decision-making processes to inspire women in different stages of their lives.

Here’s my ‘Her Maths Story’ story

The aim of Her Maths Story is to provide a platform that is informative, non-judgemental, honest, motivating and enjoyable. They hope you’ll learn about women in STEM in a way that is accessible and inspiring. Here are some more stories.

Her Maths Story would also love to hear from you. Visit their Contact section.

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