Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving Video #7 – ‘Distance Time’ Puzzle Solution

The Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving YouTube video series with  me and the brilliant Bobby Seagull aims to improve the mathematical resilience in children and adults by showing that doing maths puzzles can be fun. Our 10-15 minute videos are designed to support students, parents and teachers think about and practice strategies for puzzle solving in a light-hearted and enjoyable way. 

In our videos we set and solve a variety of maths puzzles. In this video we solve our ‘Distance Time’ Puzzle.

This is actually our last video in this Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving series as we are taking a little break from recording but don’t be sad because every Monday Bobby and I are in videos teaching GCSE Maths topics with our friend Tom Rocks Maths. Find out more here.

We hope our videos bring some maths enjoyment to your homes during these uncertain times. Stay safe & remember ‘a puzzle shared is a puzzle enjoyed!’


This video #7 (released on Thursday 23rd April 2020) includes:

Puzzle with solutions: ‘Distance Time’ Puzzle

Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving Video #7 [Full]


Puzzle with Solution = ‘Distance Time’ Puzzle

Distance Time Puzzle – YouTube Clip

Here are our solutions and some of the solutions sent in by our viewers. Did you solve the puzzle in a different way?

Susan’s Solution
Bobby’s Solution
Viewers’ Solutions


Feedback on our Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving videos is welcome so do let us know what you enjoyed about the videos, what would improve the videos and if you have any fun ideas for future videos. Contact us by leaving a comment on this blog or email us at or you can find us @MathsAppeal on Twitter or Instagram

Here’s a list of the puzzles solved in this series.

A puzzle shared is a puzzle enjoyed!

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