Tom Rocks Maths Appeal Video Collaboration

I’m super excited about our @MathsAppeal collaboration with the tremendous Tom Rocks Maths! First video out TODAY!

Tom Rocks Maths Appeal Video Trailer

Tom Rocks Maths (aka Dr Tom Crawford) is a Mathematician at the Univeristy of Oxford who loves mathematics, rock music, Manchester United football club and maths tattoos!

Over the next 6 weeks Bobby, myself and Tom will present a variety of GCSE maths topics in entirely new ways…. Featuring Usain Bolt, interactive maths activities and Wilfried Zaha. Learn maths like never before!

Maths Topics to be covered are:

Percentages, decimals, fractions
Distance-time-speed graphs
Volumes of 3D shapes
Straight line graphs y=mx+c
Trigonometry values
Probability trees

We’re teaching GCSE Maths topics and having fun. I’ll be sharing links to accompanying resources on this blog, so watch this space!

First video released on the Tom Rocks Maths YouTube channel on Monday 13th April. Watch, share and subscribe!

Filming for the videos took place earlier this year. #StayHomeStaySafe

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