Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving Videos (Intro)

Maths Appeal is back!…. and this time we’re in video form!

The brilliant Bobby Seagull and I are on a mission to make maths accessible to everyone. It’s something we both feel really strongly about, as maths teachers, and our aim is to show you that not only is maths fun, but it’s everywhere!

We want to help improve the mathematical resilience in all children (and adult) so they have the confidence to give maths problems a go – We’ll be calling maths problems ‘puzzles’ to make them less scary!

In this time of uncertainty, while schools across the UK (and world) are closed, we’ve decided to release maths videos on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday at midday (12pm GMT) and each video will last between 10-15 minutes.

In our videos we will be setting and solving a variety of maths puzzles ranging from Key Stage 2 SATs Maths Reasoning problems to GCSE maths exam problems with loads of interesting questions in between. A rough guide to the level of our puzzles is that they are suitable for ages 7-16 years (and older!)

These videos are designed to support students, parents and teachers think about and practice strategies for puzzle solving by showcasing mathematical reasoning and ways to set out maths solutions in writing.

Bobby and I also want to disprove the myth that the answers to puzzles just fall out of the sky! We believe that struggle and perseverance are important and often necessary in maths and working through this struggle is when the magic happens!

So here is our first Maths Appeal video puzzle about Joe Wick ‘The Body Coach’

Set on 27th March 2020 on BBC Radio 4 Puzzle for Today

Go on, give the puzzle a go!

Our solutions are in this Maths Appeal YouTube video (Released on 31st March 2020)

Have fun and remember ‘a puzzle shared is a puzzle enjoyed!

Check out my next blog post for the Maths Appeal Puzzle YouTube video #1 and ideas on how to use this series as a teaching resource.

If you’d like more information on ways to support the development of problem solving, check out this NRICH Maths Page.

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