Tom Rocks Maths Appeal Video 3 – Volume of Prisms

Lesson 3 in our new Tom Rocks Maths Appeal YouTube series is OUT NOW! 

Team Maths Appeal (me and Bobby Seagull) have joined forces with the University of Oxford mathematician, Dr Tom Crawford (aka Tom Rocks Maths) to explore and teach topics from the GCSE Maths syllabus. We aim to show the world that maths is accessible to everyone!

In this episode you will learn the formulae to find the volume of 3D prisms including cubes, cuboids, cylinders. Bobby introduces the topic, Tom explains a memorisation technique for the formulae using his favourite fictional chocolate bars, and I share an interactive tool on GeoGebra – Direct links to each part below.

Bobby (Introduction) 0:48

Tom (Memorisation) 7:24

Susan (GeoGebra) 12:30

Here is the GeoGebra activity link: (Authors = riveraajMonicaK) so try along with the video.

Follow Up Resources 

Here are suggestions of maths resources to consolidate your learning once you have watched our video. (You can also find the web links to these resources in the YouTube video description).

Video 3 – Volume of Prisms

– Mixed Volume of Prisms resources (Worksheets & videos) – Corbett Maths:

– GCSE exam questions (Volume of a Prism) – KeshMaths: 

– GCSE exam questions (Volume and Surface Ares of Cylinders) – KeshMaths: 

Here is the KeshMaths list of all topics with videos of worked examples and GCSE exam questions and solutions:

Note: There are many GCSE Maths resources out there but I have selected these because I often use them when I teach this subject to my students.  

Online Question & Answer Sessions

To accompany the launch of this Tom Rocks Maths Appeal YouTube series we will be holding Q & A sessions on the maths topics covered in the videos. 

For the video lesson on Volume of Prisms:

  • Bobby and I will answer questions from you on Thursday 30th April 2020 in a recorded video, which will be posted on Instagram Friday 1st May 2020 at 1pm.
  • Tom will answer questions from you on Friday 1st May 2020 in a live-streaming YouTube session at 4pm

So send your questions to or

I hope you find our videos enjoyable and useful! Please let us know what you think. Suggestions are very welcome. Our aim is to help as many people see that maths is for everyone and can be fun! 

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