The 100 Square is My Mathematical Object

This summer, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katie Steckles and Peter Rowlett for their podcast Mathematical Objects on their brilliant maths blog The Aperiodical and here is it!

I spoke about how I came to love the 100 square and the wealth of maths activities you can do with it.

1-100 square

I also explain why I’m now an even bigger fan of the 0-99 square.  

0-99 square

This Association of Teacher of Mathematics article by Midge Pasternack opened my eyes to the greatness of the 0-99 square.

In the interview we also discussed:

– Factors and prime numbers and the great game Prime Climb, which was designed by Dan Finkel who talks about it in his TED talk.  

– And Peter’s Prime Climb colouring sheet on GitHub as drawing-primes.

Do have a listen to the interview and get in touch. I’d love to know what you think of the 100 square and how you use them. I’d also love to hear if I’ve convinced you that the 0-99 square is better!

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