Maths Week Ireland 2020

Happy Maths Week Ireland 2020! Maths Week Ireland is an all-island initiative that promotes positive attitudes towards maths. It has been running for 15 years and last year it engaged directly with over 400,000 people, making it currently the world’s largest maths festival and today I had the enormous pleasure of kicking off the Maths Week Ireland primary school schedule on Maths Week TV.

At the core of Maths Week Ireland is Maths for All – a belief that no matter what age, background or ability; maths is useful and it can also enrich your life. This is a message that is very close to my heart so I was thrilled when I was asked to be involved in the event by founders Sheila Donegan and Eoin Gill.

My Maths Week Ireland activity ‘Number Patterns’ explores multiplication tables and demonstrates how multiplication tables are related to each other through the magic of colouring in. To participate all you need are colouring pencils and print outs of a 100 grid. 

I delivered this interactive virtual live lesson to 5 primary schools in Ireland, while over 200 schools tuned in to a live YouTube stream. It was great! 

The video of my activity will be available on Maths week TV for the rest of the week. It starts at 11.00 in.

For the rest of this week there will be new fun interactive maths shows daily – just check out the schedule.

The Primary line-up includes great maths entertainers like Kjartan PoskittAndrew Jeffrey , Dr Ken Farquhar and Caroline Ainsley.

All primary shows will broadcast at 10.10am each morning.

The secondary line-up was opened today by my Maths Appeal mate, Bobby Seagull and includes brilliant maths communicators like our pal Tom Rocks Maths and legend Rob Eastaway.

All secondary shows will broadcast at 11.11am each morning

For more information about Maths Week Ireland go to the website:


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