#MegaFavNumbers, what is yours?

A bunch of Maths YouTubers have come together to make videos about their favourite numbers bigger than one million, which we are calling #MegaFavNumbers… and team Maths Appeal (me and Bobby Seagull) have joined the maths party!

The Maths Appeal MegaFavNumber is 1,111,111. Check out our video to find out why…

This great project was started by Maths YouTube heavyweights Matt Parker and James Grimes and the brilliant thing is they want YOU the viewer to join in. 

To get involved, think of a cool number bigger than one million, or think of a cool topic first and hang a mega-number on it, then make your own video about your number.

Upload your videos to YouTube with the hashtag #MegaFavNumbers and with MegaFavNumbers in the title, and your video will be added to the MegaFavNumbers playlist

Submit your videos any time before Wednesday 2nd September to be added to the MegaFavNumbers Playlist.

Here are some #MegaFavNumbers examples from Maths YouTubers to give you some ideas:

By James Grimes (Maths communicator and #MegaFavNumbers founder)

By Matt Parker (Maths stand-up comedian and #MegaFavNumbers founder)

By Zoe Griffiths (Maths communicator and Maths Appeal podcast guest)

By Eddie Woo (fellow maths teacher from Down Under) 

By Katie Steckles (Aperiodical blog host)

By Tom Rocks Maths (Our Maths Appeal friend & collaborator

So, what is YOUR favourite mega-number?… Go on, have a think, make a video and join the maths party!

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