Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving Video #5 – Easter Chocolate Bunny Puzzle Solution

The Maths Appeal Puzzle Solving Youtube video series with  me and the brilliant Bobby Seagull aims to improve the mathematical resilience in children and adults by showing that trying maths puzzles can be fun. In our videos (every Tuesday & Thursday) we will be setting and solving a variety of maths puzzles. Our 10-15 minute videos are designed to support students, parents and... Continue Reading →

Tom Rocks Maths Appeal Video 1 – Percentages

IT'S FINALLY HERE! The first lesson in our new Tom Rocks Maths Appeal YouTube series is OUT NOW!  Team Maths Appeal (me and Bobby Seagull) have joined forces with the University of Oxford mathematician, Dr Tom Crawford (aka Tom Rocks Maths) to explore and teach topics from the GCSE Maths syllabus. We aim to show the world that maths is accessible to everyone! In this episode,... Continue Reading →

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