Number Confidence Week – Advice for Parents

Earlier this month I shared some tips in the National Numeracy’s  Number confidence Week campaign.

Number Confidence Week is an opportunity to deal with the powerful and largely unseen issue of low confidence with numbers.  Low confidence with numbers can hold us back in our own lives, and can even affect how our children feel about maths. 

I appeared on the ‘Grown-ups! You CAN get confident to help with maths homework’ discussion panel with Tom Harbour from Learning with Parents and parent Jason Ace, hosted by the brilliant Bobby Seagull. We gave advice to parents on how they can support their kids in feeling confident about maths.  

Here’s the video of the panel discussion:

Here’s the campaign promotional video for the ‘Supporting Children in maths’ discussion: 

Find out more about The National Numeracy Challenge here. Why not give it a go? It’s never too late to improve your numeracy!

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