The Right Angle Podcast Interview

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Pearson’s The Right Angle podcast. The podcast invites topical discussions, debates and insights from a range of thought leaders, award-winning maths educators and facilitators. 

I had a great chat with host Nicola Woodford-Smith around tackling maths anxiety in the classroom, as well as discussing whether the current maths GCSE qualification is fit for purpose.

Listen here:

The Right Angle Podcast Interview – ‘Opening Conversations for Change’ with Susan Okereke

In our conversation we also discussed …

The power of contextual maths activities and the British Museum numeracy resources I made (now found the British Museum’s archived website)

The impact maths anxiety has on people’s wellbeing and strategies for teachers to support their students overcome this. 

I suggest teachers

  • read the Pearson’s A Guide to Tackling Maths Anxiety’ 

The need for more diversity in STEM industries and education and the importance of role models in tackling this issue. We discussed the Black Heroes in Mathematics conference panel I was involved in last year and the Finding Ada ‘Comedy & Communication in STEM’ panel I was involved earlier this year.

I’m hoping this interview sparks conversations about how WE can improve maths education for our students and society as a whole. Have a listen and get in touch. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my ideas and suggestions. 

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