National Numeracy Day 2021

National Numeracy Day 2021 took place last week on the 19th May. On the day, the charity National Numeracy put on a variety of events to help children and adults feel confident about numbers at home, work and school. There were a host of free online sessions, videos and resources including inspirational stories and practical advice from real-life learners and celebrities including Katya Jones, Peter Sawkins, Rachel Riley, Martin Lewis, my pal  Bobby Seagull …. and me!

I took part in a panel discussion for parents called ‘Hated homeschool maths? How to help children love numbers (even if you don’t)’. The panel was hosted by my Maths Appeal co-host Bobby Seagull and I was joined on the panel with primary teacher, Gillian Jones, parent and financial educator, Russell Winnard, National Numeracy Ambassador, Katya Jones and National Numeracy CEO, Sam Sims. We gave tips to parents about how they can help their children learn to love numbers, even if they don’t feel number confident themselves. Loads of fun and practical advice was shared.

Check out the panel video here: 

National Numeracy Day Panel Discussion – ‘Hated homeschool maths? How to help children love numbers (even if you don’t)’

Other events on the day included a rap activity by spoken word artist Harry Baker, a baking activity by Great British Bake-off champion Peter Sawkins and a maths dance activity by Strictly Come Dancing’s Katya Jones

To find out more about National Numeracy Day events go to:

And remember it’s never too late to improve your Numeracy!

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