A Practical Guide to Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School Textbook

Using technology is one of the easiest ways to bring maths lessons to life and that is what I have written about in my chapter in the text book A Practical Guide to Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School (2nd Edition). Published by Routledge and edited by the wonderful Clare Lee and Robert Ward-Penny. This textbook is designed to give trainee secondary maths teachers straightforward advice and tried and tested ideas to use in their classrooms.

My chapter looks at ways to use pupil-led ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the maths classroom to enhance learning. Technologies like interactive websites, online programmes, apps and online learning platforms have made it possible for students to interact and experience maths concepts, in a way that is often more effective than pen and paper. These often dynamic visual aids can help students gain a deeper understanding of maths concepts, making them more likely to be remembered.

I believe maths teachers need to embrace technology and not be afraid of it! In my chapter I give practical teaching ideas and examples of activities that I have taught and have been successful in my classroom. Also most of the technologies I mention are free and they are all very easy to use.

I’m one of a number of contributors to the textbook that shared ideas on how to cultivate an effective and engaging maths learning environment. The other maths educator contributors were Ian Boote, Andrea Pitt, Jenni Ingram, Mike Ollerton, Emma Cooke, Els De Geest, Charlotte Webb, Cathy Smith and Sipho Morrison. The textbook covers lesson planning, assessment for learning, classroom communication and collaboration and much more.

A Practical Guide to Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School is a great book for any maths teacher (trainee to experienced) looking for some inspiration and simple, yet effective activity ideas. 

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