An Evening of Unnecessary Detail

At the end of May, I had the pleasure of presenting a talk at the brilliant science comedy event An Evening of Unnecessary Detail by the fantastic Festival of the Spoken Nerd.  The event was set up and hosted by trio stand-up mathematician Matt Parker (@standupmaths), geek songstress Helen Arney (@HelenArney) and experiments maestro Steve Mould  (@MouldS). The night mixes astonishing science with statistically significant comedy, plus experiments that electrify their audiences – sometimes literally. 

My talk was about the mathematical vocabulary being used in some UK primary schools related to the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Some of these words I have only recently learnt through my work with primary schools, which is strange as I have a maths degree! My talk involved a lot of audience participation including a quiz, call and response and a vote. The audience and feedback were great!

That night I was among some great speakers, which included actor Gemma Arrowsmith (@mmaarrow), author Timandra Harkness (@TimandraHarknes), biologist comic Simon Watt (@SimonDWatt) and Jon Harvey (@jondharvey) aka Lord Buckethead!

An Evening of Unnecessary Detail is on the last Tuesday of every month at the Backyard Comedy Club, Bethnal Green. If you’re looking for an informative STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) filled evening full of LOLs, check it out! Tickets can be bought here .

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