Maths Appeal Podcast

For the last few months I’ve been working on a podcast called Maths Appeal and it has been an absolute pleasure working with my co-host the brilliant Bobby Seagull and our wonderful wonderful producer Jenny Nelson (collectively we are the 3 Mathsketeers!)
The mission of the Maths Appeal podcast is to make maths more accessible to everyone. We want to show maths is not to be feared but embraced because it is all around us! Our podcast features discussions about key maths topics, maths puzzles and interviews with maths champions from the worlds of tech, entertainment, comedy and education. Series 1 is complete and out now for all to listen to. Listen & subscribe to the podcast on iTunes,Spotify & SoundCloud S If you want to find out more about our amazing maths hero guest here’s their Twitter info: Ep1&2 The Legend Johnny Ball Ep3 Alex Bellos (@alexbellos ) – Maths writer and broadcaster Ep4 Danielle Newnham (@daniellenewnham ) – Co-founder of  F Equals Ep5 Mike Ellicock (@mikeNatNumeracy ) – CEO of National Numeracy Ep6 Gareth Jones (@GarethJonesTV) – Presenter and producer Ep7 Ken Cheng (@kenchengcomedy) ­- Comedian Ep8 Simon Singh (@SLSingh ) – Writer and maths education champion Ep9&10  Anne-Marie Imafidon (@aimafidon) – Co-founder of  STEMettes Ep11 Catherine Breslin (@catherinebuk) – Machine learning scientist Ep12 Zoe Griffiths (@ZoeLGriffiths) – Maths Communicator withThink Maths Also, a shout out to my bro Kele Okereke for writing and performing the Maths Appeal theme music and to my old friend Calixte Davis who did the logo design❤️ < !– wp:paragraph –> Watch this space, Twitter & Instagram for news about series 2 of Maths Appeal 😉 #mathsisforeveryone

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