My Tips for an Effective Maths Interventions

I wrote an article ‘Five Steps to Leading an Effective Maths Intervention’, which was published in the TES (Times Education Supplement) online earlier this month. Here is it is:

TES_Maths Intervention article_image

While studying for my Masters in Teaching, I carried out action research where I designed, implemented and evaluated a maths intervention programme at my previous school. My dissertation title was ‘The Reality of Implementing a Mathematics Intervention in a Secondary School’. The TES article highlights some of the key points I learnt from the process and I hope the article supports others in planning and implementing an effective maths intervention in their schools. (Have a read and let me know what you think!)

For my dissertation I did loads of reading about interventions, particularly maths interventions, and during the process I realised that the majority of maths teachers implementing interventions know little about what the research says about what makes an effective one, which isn’t good enough!

Below are links to some the article and reports I think all maths teachers should read if they are planning to implement a maths intervention…



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