My Teaching Values

My name is Susan Okereke and I love teaching maths! I passionately believe that numeracy (the ability to use maths in a real life context) is an essential basic skill that everyone should be confident at, like reading and writing. Through my teaching and through this blog I hope to challenge the idea that maths is boring, too difficult and irrelevant to people’s everyday lives.

I am currently doing a Master’s degree in Teaching and the course has reminded me of the important role teachers, especially maths teachers, play in our society. Through reading literature on maths education, I have come to the realisation that maths education plays a significant role in enhancing inequality in society through practices like ability-setting (Boaler & Willaims 2001;, Gates 2001;, Cotton 2001) and I believe that maths teachers can play a crucial role in making the world a fairer place (Gates 2001). I hope to promote social justice through maths education. I want to help my students understand that maths is a relevant and useful subject for their lives, not just a subject that they are told they need to pass but do not understand why. I feel this is my duty!

My Master course has helped me clarify the type of maths teacher I aspire to be and collaboration is one of my core values. I understand that schools are cumbersome places and it is impossible to implement new ideas and initiatives without the help of others.

I have also come to realise that the online maths education community is very sharing with ideas and resources and this encourages me to get involved. I aim to be a ‘tinkering teacher’ (Hargreaves, 1999) , where I test, modify and evaluate new maths teaching ideas, with a view to sharing my findings with maths teachers in my school and on social media. The more I communicate with people on social media, the more I believe this is a key platform for improvements in the UK maths education system.

I hope to be an active member of this sharing online maths education community in 2016!


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