My Friends & Our Maths Music Video

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow and I’m reminded of the incredible power of women, especially when we work together! 

5 years ago, for my hen-do, I was surprised by some of my incredible female friends who had secretly arranged to recreate the amazing Kiesza – Hideaway music video for me. They spent weeks planning the shoot and on my hen weekend I was given 24 hours to learn the dance routine. It was the most intense 24 hours of my life but we did it! I am so proud of the result and I’m glad I was able to squeeze some maths into the final video.

So, watch the video, then watch it again and do some maths!  Once you are tired of the dancing, think of a number then follow the instructions given throughout the video (watch carefully!). Your final answer should always equal 5. Can you work out why this always works? 

Here is the original Kiesza – Hideaway video that inspired us:

A huge THANK YOU to Jennifer Nelson, Diane Easson, Claire Lams & Vanessa Gray-Hernandez for planning and coordinating the day and to Laura Healey and Susie Lochiel-Owen for producing the video. 

Check out for your video production needs!

I hope you enjoy watching the video 🙂

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