Pi Day 2017!

This Tuesday, the 14th March, is Pi Day, a huge day in the mathematics calendar. I’m irrationally excited about it! I will be sharing my excitement with my students this week and I’ll be using some videos to help explain the importance and awesomeness of the incredible number pi (π). Here are the videos I’m planning to use:

Video 1: Number Pi explained by Datacube shares loads of weird and interesting facts about the number pi:

Video 2: ‘What is the Value of P?’ is a funny music video made by middle school teacher Matthew Beyranevand and his students that parodied the pop song ‘What does the fox say?’. It is lively! Check out more of Matthew’s maths music videos here: http://www.mathwithmatthew.com/music-videos/

Video 3: ‘Mathematical Pi Song’ is the story of pi sung to the tune of ‘American Pie’. It is what it is!

I hope you have a great Pi Day!

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